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Slime Hunter

About Slime Hunter


Slime Hunter is an online role-playing game. Explore Beatrix LeBeau on a journey to Rainbow Island to uncover the island's hidden ancient technology.

Slime Hunter has returned! Have you ever heard of an island full of ancient mysteries and wiggly creatures? Then welcome to the sequel to the worldwide smash-hit original, which has over 15 million fans. In this first-person simulator game, you will join Beatrix LeBeau on a journey to Rainbow Island in order to discover the island's hidden ancient technology. In a beautiful gazebo, you'll be able to build, a ranch, and farm. On an epic paradise island, you can also go fruit and vegetable hunting. If you love and are interested in fond of this game, try playing other exciting games which are Little Alchemy, Mini Metro: London, and Vex 7.

Game Features

  • At a glance, the maximum level!
  • There are numerous methods for quickly reaching Max Levels!
  • Join forces with AI Friends to speed up your progress!
  • Make a variety of weapons to deal MASSIVE damage!
  • At its finest, pixel art!
  • Play this responsive 2D side-scrolling pixel game!
  • Attractive graphics and impressive abilities!
  • A distinct game mode.

How to play

Compared to the first version, there aren't many gameplay and control changes. Already, the gameplay and graphics of the game are very captivating. The setting of Slime Hunter is Rainbow Island, an enigmatic island home to various slime species that can take many different forms. They are divided into numerous varieties, each of which has a distinctive look, mannerisms, and dietary requirements. These creatures produce Plorts, a resource that can be farmed and later sold for cash, after being fed.