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Description is an online video game with a multiplayer component. Control the worm to eat a lot of glowing orbs. Defeat all players and become the longest worm

The awesome online game Slither io was released in 2016. Take control of a snake, and feed it luminous orbs to grow bigger. Your main goal is to grow to be the longest worm in the arena and eliminate every other participant. The game is over if your snake explodes if its head touches any portion of another snake.

When a worm passes away, its body transforms into the shiny pellets (orbs) it had before passing away. Pellets left behind by dead worms can be consumed by players to increase their growth. Compared to regular pellets, these pellets provide additional bulk.

Left-clicking or double-tapping the screen will accelerate it; releasing the button will turn off boost. However, your snake will lose some mass and some of its size when you utilize the boost. Where you employ the boost, a line of pellets will represent the mass lost from the boost. Plus, by eating the pellets, players can recover any lost mass.

Game Tips:

Try gathering as many orbs as you can at the beginning of the game to increase your size. Try to refrain from into pointless battles at first.

There are two special orbs on the map:

The orb floats all over the map. Trying to catch it will only make it flee. So even if it's challenging to acquire, it's worthwhile. These orbs provide more mass than normal orbs do.

To outwit and defeat your opponents, use Boosts at the proper moment.


  • Mouse: move the cursor to control, click to increase speed
  • Keyboard: can control arrows
  • UP Arrow to go at full speed
  • LEFT Arrow to turn left
  • RIGHT Arrow to turn right