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Snake Game

About Snake Game


Snake Game is a popular video game today. Practice your skills and survive as long as possible to become the biggest worm in the game.

In the video game genre of "Snake," the player controls a growing line that eventually turns into its own primary obstacle. The Gremlin Industries two-player arcade game Blockade introduced the idea in 1976, and because it was so simple to implement, it was adapted into hundreds of different platforms.


  • There is no lag due to connectivity issues.
  • Joystick control allows for high-precision gameplay.
  • Real-time leaderboards and unique online live events

How to play:

  • To live as long as possible, consume as many apples as you can. Control your snake with the arrow keys, pausing with the spacebar. Don't eat your tail or run into a wall!
  • The snake game from Coolmath is distinct from others. Your tail expands by four blocks when you eat an apple as opposed to the usual one. You'll need to act quickly because the snake moves faster than it did in the original game. How much longer can you endure?