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Speedrun Platformer

About Speedrun Platformer


Speedrun Platformer is an exciting running game. Your task is to control the character to reach the finish line in the shortest time and receive gold and gems.

This is a classic running game. It is straightforward to play. You can use "WASD" keys or arrow keys to control. Your task is to help your character reach the finish line in the shortest time and, simultaneously, not exceed the allotted time. Each level has a different time limit. Help the character complete the line without exceeding the allotted time and get as many gold coins as possible. In the shop section, you can use the coins you earn to buy plumes. There are four different types here, and they look so cute. You also have to collect gems simultaneously because you can only purchase new skins by exchanging gems. There are three types of skins:  Hopper, Sanix, and Red Belly. Each type has its special features, which effectively support you in completing the fastest route. So, collect as many gold coins and gems as possible to buy anything you want in the shop.

The leaderboard shows your ramk compared to other players. It would be best if you worked harder to be able to sign up here. Your name only appears on here if you are one of the people with the best scores. Good luck.

Features of Speedrun Platformer: 

  • The shop sells skins such as Hopper, Sanix, and Red Belly and sells many plumes. 
  • Beautiful 3D graphics and relaxing sounds.
  • Diverse levels for you to try.
  • There are leaderboards to help you keep track of your achievements.

How to play: 

Use “WASD” or arrow keys to control.