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About Sprinter


Sprinter is an engaging running game. You will become a sports athlete to participate in the competition and become the champion with an impressive run time.

It can be said that this is a highly addictive simulator game. If you are a sports enthusiast, you cannot miss it. In the Olympics, one of the most popular sports is athletics. In this game, you will be a genuine athlete. You will represent one of eight countries participating in the Olympics. You can optionally choose a country that you love and want to represent. The track is no different from a real-life race track. You will compete with others for a chance to become the champion of this fierce race. The faster you finish the race track, the more bonuses you will receive. This money will help you upgrade your character. You can boost the speed or buy more power for your character. They make you win easily. In addition, when you reach a certain amount and get a medal, you can unlock different tracks. They are located in many locations throughout the United States, such as Seattle, San Francisco, Miami, Chicago, New York, etc. Try to open as many tracks as possible, and you will have many different routes to experience. 

Features of Sprinter: 

  • There are many tracks in the USA.
  • Can upgrade your character speed and power.
  • Excellent graphics and animated sound.
  • Single-player. 

How to play: 

Use left and right arrow keys to play.