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Squid Assassin

About Squid Assassin


Squid Assassin is an active game where you must take part in a dangerous game and find a way to escape. On your way, you have to face many challenges. 

Squid Game is a famous series in Korea, and this game is inspired by those series. You are the main character who is kidnaped to participate in a strange game. However, you don’t want to do it, and you try to escape. On your way, there are many baby machines and worker characters who can shoot. Your task is to kill all the opponents with your weapon. The enemies are very crowded, so you should kill them one by one from the back. Press and move your mouse to draw a line to the enemies and kill them. You can receive some diamonds when you pass the levels. Then, you use the diamonds to unlock the skins and power up your character. Hope you will pass all the difficult levels. 

The game requires the control skill, let’s come to the game and have fun. Good luck! 

Features of Squid Assassin

  • Killing the enemies to get diamonds 
  • The sound effects and music are attractive
  • Children can play the game 

How to control

  • Click the mouse or touch the screen to choose the destination