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Squid Challenge Glass Bridge

About Squid Challenge Glass Bridge


Squid Challenge Glass Bridge is a fun memory game that will take you to the end of the popular horror drama TV series Squid Game's final challenge.

Nonetheless, this will be the most significant task of your life. In this perplexing game, your life is on the line! Are you willing to put everything on the line right now?

How to play

You're stranded on a deserted island with no one to help you. You are the only one who can save you in this perilous environment! So prepare to flex your mental muscles and push your memory to its utmost. You'll notice a series of rows with two separate glasses when you're standing on the starting platform. To reach the finishing platform in the allotted time, you must jump over those glasses. If you don't get there before the timer runs out, you'll lose the game. You must also, and perhaps more crucially, locate the tempered glasses to tread on across the rows. When you're about to start the game, you'll be shown all of the tempered glasses at once. Consequently, keep them.


3D graphics with vibrant colors

• Senses of intuition

• Difficult gameplay

• High degrees of addiction

• Five distinct levels of difficulty

To step on the glasses, click them with your mouse.