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Squidly Game Hide And Seek

About Squidly Game Hide And Seek


Squidly Game Hide And Seek is an exciting arcade game. In this game, your objective is to hide in the secret place or find out all hiders in the rooms.

In this game, you will play as one of the characters in Squoid Game and play hide and seek. If you are green, you will transform into any object and hide in a secret place. Try not to get caught until the 3rd round to get a victory. If you are a masked guard, your mission is to go around the rooms to find out all hiders and kill them. Pay attention to all items in the rooms and guess which one is the player. Remember that the allotted time of each round is 30 seconds. Therefore, you have to be fast. Try your best to kick all players in 3 rounds to win. You can eat fruits which offers you many power-ups such as boosting speed, transforming into fruit, and flashing to a player. You will claim a lot of experience points and gems if you are the winner. Attempt to get as many experience points as possible to raise your rank from Bronze to Challenger. Break a leg!

Features of Squidly Game Hide And Seek:

  • 2 roles including a masked man and player in green
  • Multiplayer
  • Simple controls
  • Nice 3D graphics and thrilling sound effects

How to play:

Press the “WASD” keys to move