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Stickman Planks Fall

About Stickman Planks Fall


Stickman Planks Fall is a fun running game. Your task is to help the stickman reach the finish line fastest by creating a shortcut with many planks.

You will play as a stickman character to race with others. Your task is to control your character to join the race, try not to fall off the track, and collect as many boards as possible. You will have a bridge as a shortcut to reach the finish line faster. However, the more planks, the slower the character's running speed, and you can not build a long bridge if there are too few boards. Calculate carefully to be able to complete the fastest track. Participating in this race is not only for you. You and the others are assigned to the same board with 16 door frames for each person. This board only appears after each stage has been completed. The last person to stay will be the winner. You will also receive a bonus as a gift if you win. The number of gold coins will help you change your character's appearance with new shirts and hats.

The game graphics are designed to be very eye-catching. Images and colors are harmoniously combined to create attractiveness for players. The game sound is also pleasant, not too noisy, so you can still focus on controlling the character while relaxing with this sound. The game keeps you entertained. Thus, let's join the game and compete with others.

Tips for Stickman Planks Fall

  • Do not collect too many planks because it will reduce the stickman's speed.
  • Collect just enough planks to create shortcuts to the fastest destination.
  • Collect as many gold coins as you can to upgrade your character.

How to play:

Use the arrow keys to play.