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About Sumo.IO


Sumo.IO is made for you! To win the game, consume sushi and force your rivals into a watery pit. You are awaiting several skins and arenas. is another unique idea turned wrestling game in which you control sumo wrestlers. You're in a small arena, striving to push your opponents out of the circle. Try to win the rounds. Certain sweets will appear in the arena, and if you eat them, your fighter will grow. As a result, he will be significant stronger and therefore have a better chance of winning. The controls aren't particularly simple, and we recommend that you try the training mode to understand how to move. You'll discover that if you want to punch hard, you need to press the arrow key twice, and so on. Enter the arena and win every match that you play.

Start practicing with this ultimate global sumo wrestling champion's game to get ready for genuine sumo wrestler fights. Witness authentic sumo fights! The more foods you gather, the larger you will become. Fantastic luck and have a good time!

How to play the game

  • To win, you must control the character and push the opponent into the water.
  • Use arrows or WASD to move

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