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Super Spy Agent 46

About Super Spy Agent 46


Super Spy Agent 46 is a fast-paced spy thriller game filled with crazy action, unexpected plot twists, and a lot of humor. Wish you have fun!

In this Super Spy Agent 46 game, take on the role of a super-special spy! By destroying the evil foes and ensuring your own safety, try to accomplish the mission as effectively as possible. You will encounter many enemies who are trying to kill you on the street, so be prepared to fight for your life. After you complete this covert mission, your superior will give you a title.

Figure agent 46 had been more well-known, deadly, louder, and unquestionably more than just a beast when it came to taking down the hordes of enemies in Alter Verse. 46 is a clone and a hired killer. He was the 46th clone made from the DNA of five different men and was created to be the ideal spy who could easily maintain peak physicality and intelligence for many years while being easily controlled by whoever they were devoted to, typically a handler. He received his name from this. If you love mission games, join Crab & Fish to rescue the fish and collect a lot of gold coins


  • Action: WASD/Arrows - Move
  • Mouse - Aim
  • Space/J - Jump or ascend or drift
  • LMB/Z - Fire
  • RMB/X - Grenade or descend
  • MouseWheel/Q/E - Change weapon
  • A Jump / ascend / - drift
  • Right Trigger/Shoulder/X - Fire
  • Left Trigger/Shoulder/B - Grenade or descend
  • Left/Right - Change weapon
  • Left Shift Button - Activate Slo-Mo Time
  • Y - Enter/Exit