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About Surviv.IO


Surviv.IO is an addictive shooting game in which you have to take down other players to get their gear and be the last one to survive to win.

You start the game with nothing and gradually become stronger by stealing guns, and equipment, knocking down other players, and gaining loot. To obtain their equipment, kill other players. This is a classic survival shooting game with basic survival at its core.  Find and equip yourself with a weapon and some ammunition to move forward. Use consumables to replenish your health and adrenaline levels. Think tactically and play cautiously - once you die there's no chance of respawning. Furthermore, remember that you must void closed red areas in the game. If you are the last surviving player you will win. You can play in many modes such as solo, duo, or team with four players. Play as a team by creating groups to invite friends or meet random players. Try to accumulate as many potatoes as possible. In the shop, you can also recharge to buy potatoes or trade in items you earn to get the same golden potato. Note that if you log in with one of the methods like Facebook, Twitch, Google, or Discord, you can see more things like maps, and buy and sell items more easily.

Features of Surviv. IO: 

  • Can be played solo, as a duo, or as a team (4 players).
  • Armory is looted
  • Have an advantage with perks and items
  • Sign in for stats, quests, and reloads
  • Play in full screen for the best experience.

How to play: 

“W ASD” key to walk around 

Mouse to aim

Left Mouse Button to fire/ melee

Mouse Wheel to change weapons

Q key to switch to previous weapon

T key or drag the gun to another position to change gun position

R key to reload

F key to pick up/ steal/ revive

X key to cancel action

M or G key to view map

V key to change the minimap