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Teeth Runner

About Teeth Runner


Teeth Runner is a funny running game. Your goal is to control a toothbrush to clean all teeth of many guys and reach the finish line in the shortest time.

This game is played by controlling a toothbrush to run as fast as possible to reach the finish line. Besides, you have to use the toothbrush to pick up the toothpaste to clean the teeth of all guys you meet along the way. Keep in mind that white toothpaste is used for normal guys. The shit toothpaste is suitable for green monsters and the chilli toothpaste is used for the guys wearing a hat. Remember it and try to pick up the right toothpaste. Be careful with the spikes on the road. Try to evade them if you can. Look at the speed bar on the left top of the screen. If it is full, the speed of the toothbrush will increase dramatically. If you choose the wrong toothpaste or crash into the obstacles, it will be empty. Do your best to accelerate the speed to cross the finish line in the shortest time. Right after reaching the finish line, you have to clean the dirty teeth of a guy as quickly as possible to get diamonds. Earn as many diamonds as possible to purchase new toothbrushes, cannons and heads in the shop. Attempt complete daily missions to claim extra diamonds.

Features of Teeth Runner:

  • Many levels with different degrees of difficulty
  • A variety of toothbrushes, cannons, and heads
  • Many daily missions to complete
  • Simple controls
  • Colourful 3D graphics 

How to play:

Use the mouse to play


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