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Time Shooter 2

About Time Shooter 2


Time Shooter 2 is a first-person shooter in which time is frozen until you move. Plan your shots, and moves meticulously, and use your time wisely.

How to Play

  • A shooting game in the same vein as SuperHot, Time Shooter 2 has the same intense action that drives you to complete every level.
  • Choose the weapon that is best suited for the task at hand, then move around the map, eliminating enemies while carefully managing time with your movements. Don't be afraid to use whatever is necessary because anything can be a weapon.
  • By viewing a brief advertisement, you can also get unlimited ammunition or invulnerability for one level only.

Time Shooter 2 Tips

  • Before you move, take a look around.
  • Unless you are in immediate danger, take out enemies with long-range weapons first.
  • Choose the best weapon for each task - if there are a lot of enemies with guns, consider the AK-47!
  • Keep an eye out for enemies who have an itchy trigger finger.


  • Move with the WASD or arrow keys.
  • Left-click to fire or pick up a weapon.
  • R (right-click) = throw weapon.