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Tug The Table

About Tug The Table


Play Tug The Table to join the thrilling competitive game. Control the stickman to pull the table to your side and you will win after five rounds.

As the tug game in real life, this game has some new things, making it very attractive. Unlike the real game, in this game, you and your opponent will pull the table that is not rope. Use the up arrow key to pull the table to your side. You will win if your opponent puts a leg on the white line in the center of the playing field. Compete to get five stars to decide the winner. In addition, you should be careful because although you have more stars than your opponent, he or she can reverse the situation at any time. Only one person can be the champion. Let’s try to tug and become the first who gets five stars. Invite another person to play with you. All of you can relax together.

Some tips to win in Tug The Table

  • The winning is decided in some seconds, so you must pull the table to your side immediately.
  • Press the up arrow keys even if the game does not start because you will be able to create traction first and gain the upper hand.
  • Do not hold the up arrow key as that can not tug the table, so you have to press constantly.   

How to play

Player 1: Use the up arrow key to play.

Player 2: Use the W key to play.