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Turd Show

About Turd Show


Turd Show is an exciting drawing game where you have to draw a cartoon character following the sample. The picture that is most similar to the target will win.

Welcome to the drawing world, where you can be free to create and draw your character. However, to win, you need to draw a character that is similar to the sample. After drawing, your product will be compared to the product of other players. Those who have the higher similarity rate will win and proceed to the next level. You will drop into a hot water hole if you lose, and the game ends. You can play this game an uncountable number of times. Try to practice and overcome it.

Besides that, this game provides pleasant moments and experience. It helps you release all boredom and stress. Good luck!

Features of Turd Show

  • Exciting and addictive gameplay
  • Drawing following tha sample
  • Various levels with many different challenges

How to control

  • Draw by finger, drag & drop objects to your shape.

Release Date

  • Feb 16 2022