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Ultimate Knockout Race

About Ultimate Knockout Race


Ultimate Knockout Race is yet another well-made online game inspired by Fall Guys for the PC. You'll be attempting to overcome all hurdles and reach the finish line. If you want to keep going, you'll have to go through your opponents. Unfortunately, the game does not support multiplayer, therefore you can only play against bots. Some challenges are really challenging, so make sure you have plenty of time.A few racers will be eliminated at the end of each level. Once you reach the final level, you must win. Best of luck!

Game play

In the Knockout-filled battle royale racer for mobile, challenge up to 50 men!
To sprint to the finish and become the ultimate last man standing, run, jump, dash, and avoid obstacles and traps. If you tumble off the cliff, you'll be knocked unconscious! The first men to cross the finish line qualify; nevertheless, several men will fall, be knocked out, and eliminated, leaving only the best men to compete and become the ultimate champion!
Play multiplayer minigames including obstacle courses and elimination games, which can last up to 5 rounds. To become the ultimate champion, make it to the end first!

fun and cute, simple to pickup but impossible to master.
frequently updated, and we read all your comments and reviews to improve the game!
more than 5 different rounds types(or mini game, really) , with challenges to keep you guessing!