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War Brokers

About War Brokers


War Brokers is an exciting shooting game. In this game, your objective is to kill all the members of your opposite team to get a victory.

Welcome to the shooting war where you can show off your shooting skills. In this fight, your mission is to aim accurately and shoot down all your enemies in the arena. Be careful! Run as fast as possible and hide behind the walls to avoid their attacks. If you die, you can respawn immediately. The mini-map on the right bottom of the screen allows you to know where your opponents and you are. You will claim a lot of coins after getting a victory. Use the coins you earn to purchase new weapons, outfits and items in the shop.

This game features 4 modes including Speed 4v4, Classic 8v8, Battle Royale. and Survival. For Speed 4v4 and Classic 8v8 modes, you have to cooperate with your teammates to kill all your opponents. For Battle Royale. and Survival modes, your goal is to defeat all the rivals you meet and try to survive as long as possible.

Features of War Brokers:

  • 4 game modes including Speed 4v4, Classic 8v8, Battle Royale. and Survival
  • Many servers and maps
  • A variety of weapons, outfits, and items to select
  • Leaderboard support
  • Multiplayer
  • Stunning 3D visual and original sound effects

How to play:

Press “WASD” key to move

Press a “SPACEBAR” to jump

Press an “X” key to prone and a “CTR+L” to crouch

Press a “C” to knee

Press a “N” key to open a map

Click the left mouse button to shoot